INNOLOGIC ENGINEERING S.N.C. is a company that operates in the field of industrial automation, control software and supervision of microelectronics and robotics. We are situated in Vicenza, Italy.

INNOLOGIC ENGINEERING regularly collaborates with manufacturers of industrial plants and machines to solve problems and propose solutions related to automation: design, production and testing of hardware and software
for the automation of the plant. 
Our goals are the quality, the safety and the functionality
of all of our accomplishments to achieve full Customer satisfaction. 
The main industrial sectors to which it is addressed are the users of plants and machinery manufacturers for the steel industry, food, textile, wood, packaging, etc ...

Our main activities are:

  •  Development of programs for the process control of the PLC, 
  • Development of supervision programs on Personal Computers, 
  • Design of electrical cabinets, 
  • Development of software for image processing for object recognition, 
  • Testing Services and starting of the plants at the final Customer and also anywhere in the world. 

 Technology And Innovation as Friends

Innologic Engineering's solutions are are characterized by simplicity. Here is an example of a recent project by Innologic: software easy to use in an industrial plant.

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Via Piazzon n° 17, 36051 Creazzo (VI).
Phone. & Fax + 39 0444 522610.
Mobile +39 348 266 2493 Ing. Loris Gonella.
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