our Projects

The variety of plants built and the clients with whom INNOLOGIC ENGINEERING works is very wide. Here is a list of types of projects:

- Installations for the production of welded tube,
- Fly cutting of the pipe from 10 to 160 m/min,
Fly cutting of metal sheet (steel and aluminum),
-Textile finishing (raising and shearing),

- Production of lace,
- Sealing and packaging of food products,
- Counting and recognition of vehicles for traffic control systems.

In all these realizations a wide variety of automation technologies are applied, all perfectly integrated between them: 

  • Development of software for PLC Siemens S7 (KOP, AWL, SCL),
  • Software development for PLC Rockwell, 
  • Software development for PLC Omron,
  • Development of software for P.C. under Windows (Visual Studio),
  • Design of closed-loop control systems for electric and hydraulic axis,
  • Design of relational databases (SQL), 
  • Design of systems for acquisition and processing of images.
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